Elise & Jon // Laconia, NH

You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Elise & Jon are both such caring and creative people, and every inch of their celebration had their mark on it. From the lovely ceremony to the incredible dance party that capped the night and all the little details inbetween, it was such a wonderful day to get to document and share with everyone in their joy. Elise and Jon were part of the community we built back during our Boston days, and it was such a privilege to get to spend a little bit of time back with those wonderful folks.

Enjoy some of the photos from the day:

Olivia & Peter // Boston, MA

Our trip back to Boston was incredible in so many ways - but it was highlighted by the glorious wedding of two of the most thoughtful, caring and gentle people I know. Olivia & Peter have been dear friends for a long time, and my wife and I have been fortunate enough to get to walk alongside of them during the early phases of their relationship. Getting to be there to document and celebrate with them was a huge blessing - and so many of our amazing friends were also a part of the joyous day. It couldn't have been a sweeter time of celebration and thanksgiving.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

A huge shout out to the incredible the McMullen Museum of Art for hosting a glorious reception.

Sarah & Justin // Boston, MA

It's true that wedding days can be some of the most beautiful and redemptive days we get to witness on this side of life. And this was one for the record books. Two unbelievably phenomenal people - Sarah & Justin - who I've had the fortune of getting to know during my time in Boston got married and it was glorious. Watching these two grow together and then culminating in this day of commitment was such a blessing. I only photographed for a few hours on the day - but was a great pleasure to capture some of the moments. Enjoy some shots below! #NewlyRudds

Catherine & Gordon // Rowley, MA

These two. Wow. It’s so amazing when you walk away from a wedding after hardly knowing the couple beforehand and feeling like these people are seriously amazing, and I love them, and we’re friends. That’s the kind of people Catherine and Gordon are. Welcoming, caring, easy-going, intentional, loving. And their wedding day reflected that. It was a great celebration of these two and I’m so grateful I got to document the day. Also, the sky at the end of the night was crazy beautiful. Enjoy some shots from this joyous wedding.

Oksana & Mark // Boston, MA

There was no better way to begin my 2016 wedding season than with Mark and Oksana’s wedding here in Boston. I have gotten to know these two a little over the past year as we’ve been both attending the same church, and it was so awesome to be able to document the day as our church community came around them to celebrate. The service was so beautiful and inspiring, and both Mark and Oksana are incredibly fun and easy to be around. They had an incredibly fun reception with numerous speeches and performances by friends and family throughout the evening. Enjoy some photos from the day: